Khushi Sharma designated as ‘The Student Ambassador : Creative Writing and Research’ by State Council for Educational Research and Training


Chandigarh | On 12th January 2022, on the occasion of the National Youth Day, Khushi Sharma, XII-B, held an interactive session motivating her peers, the 65 volunteers at the NSS Camp, GMSSS sector 10, Chandigarh where Khushi simplistically explained how she got inspired into her research on Covid-19 and what she did. Also how she overcome her initial hesitations and self-doubt to finally pen a 320-page debut novel utilising her time of home confinement.

On the occasion, ShSurinderDahiya, Director SCERT praised Khushifor her contribution to scientific research through Data-analytics, modelling thespread of Covid19, projecting the requirement of hospitalisation and oxygen beds, which contributed to State preparedness. As the Student Ambassador, ShDahiya announced that Khushi will work with NSS volunteers and class 12th students of Chandigarh schools. She will promote the importance of research aptitude and encourage writing skills among students. SCERT has scheduled 16 sessions in the next two months, face-to-face or virtually as per the Covid situation. 

Principal, Smt. Jasmine Josh thanked SCERT for this initiative on peer to peer learning and having read Khushi’s Sci-fi fantasy thriller ”The Missing Prophecy: Rise of the Blue Phoenix,” applauded it as a beautifully written tale of friendship, courage, and purposefulness.