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When big e-commerce players like Flipkart, Amazon etc. are offering all sorts of bags, one small-town entrepreneur thought of a startup of customised wholesale bags. The offers you bags according to your need and choice, something big players can’t do, says Mohammad Farhan, 24, the CEO of the startup who has a hands-on expertise and long experience of making and selling bags with his artisan dad Mansoor Alam. This first customised wholesale bags startup set its foot on August 15, 2019.

Farhan’s idea of business is simple – “When there is a variation in rates (of any product), there are higher chances of business.” He explains: usually you pay the price as set by the retailer; it varies from shop to shop; this practice can be changed in this digital offering same price to customers residing anywhere in India from Kashmir to Kerala, Gujarat to Tripura. Every customer should be treated equally.’’


Farhan narrates interesting business stories. He says, once to our surprise a Bengaluru based techie visited us for school bags. He was looking for customised gifts for his daughter’s friends expected at her birthday bash at Jalandhar where his parents live. He was more than happy to get his need fulfilled. Such examples boost you up, something never experienced when we traded offline, says he.

The provides you bags according to your requirements. These can be for schools, for shops, promotional, their names can also be written over bag and etc. “We used to sell bags earlier too but that was offline limiting the reach and this is online, giving us opportunity to expand our business as much as we want without any kind of limitation of land, place or reach. Every customer from everywhere is welcome. We are yet to celebrate our first anniversary and we already have customers in Sikkim, Himachal, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal.’s Production Unit.

Earlier manufacturers had to sell their bags to the wholesaler, then these were passed to another state’s wholesaler before reaching to the retailer. These intermediatories don’t exist anymore. Now it’s a direct communication with the customers in which the process follows customers to visit this website and place order for the same. We assure to deliver the order as per the customers requirement, safely and sincerely.

When asked about despite the competition with big brands like flipkart, amazon and snapdeal why would people prefer your website? On which Farhan says, “These big brands sell bags in retail not in wholesale, we’ve come up with this different need of customised bags for wholesale.” 

Discounts are also given that starts with initial count of 50 bags that vary as per the package. Rather than the website only, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are another options to reach the company. People can also call directly on the contact number given on the website. Basic designs are available on the social accounts and on the website. Also the production team customises as per customer’s requirement.

As of now, there are 100+ regular customers and schools which place their orders for the bags. Some got to know about this company by just surfing on the internet, some got referred by old customers, and some through direct contact. It’s their specialty that they provide a sample first and then make final productions after the recommendation and approval of the customer. You are getting everything at home and payment can be done easily, online.

In 5 years we want to go in retail business too expanding it as much as we can, thinking of opening the first store in Jalandhar only, as our approach will be easier here.”

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